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The start of the holiday season! Thanksgiving à Paris

Though it’s our first Thanksgiving married, it's not the first one we've spent together. We’ve had Thanksgivings with other families, with groups of friends, and one on our own, prepping for a Big Sur road trip. But this one was a bit different - we are in Paris, France, and obviously, Thanksgiving does not exist here.

But like so many other Americans abroad, we wanted to do it anyway. We have...

Motivated By My Tiny Parisian Kitchen

I like to cook. A lot. I find the repetition of certain tasks relaxing, the smells intoxicating and at the end, I have something to show for my effort. Unfortunately, I haven't always been consistent in the kitchen. 

While living in LA, I would only be motivated to cook something delicious when I knew Steve was driving down for the weekend. I'd find something online (Smitten Kitchen is my go-to). I would spend Friday evening prepping for dinner. My roommates would pull up a stool, watch me chop, mix and sauté. We'd chat and drink glass of wine, awaiting Steve's arrival.

Mirabelle Jam

My first foray into making a confiture (jam) in France.

I've been seeing mirabelles at markets all over for the past couple weeks; I wasn't quite sure what they were. But just two days ago, I happened to stumble upon David Lebovitz's Mirabelle Jam Recipe. Not only does he give a great explanation of what they are - "tiny cherry-tomato-sized fruits that are sweet, with a rich plum flavor and little acidity" - he follows it up with...