whitney by the louvre

My name is Whitney. I'm another American in Paris having an expat adventure thanks to my husband's smarts.


My husband, Steve, accepted a job in Paris in January 2015. We married in April, left California in July and jetted off to Paris at the end of August. Though we had a full eight months from the time he accepted the job until we boarded the plane, it felt like a whirlwind of life changes, including:

  • getting our paperwork ready: marriage certificates, name changes, visas...
  • leaving California behind along with our friends & most of our possessions
  • driving a very full car across the country, seeing the sights along the way
  • preparing for our new life in France without a home base
  • saying goodbye to our families on the east coast

With six suitcases of belongings, we arrived in Paris. We slowly started to settle in; navigating a brand new culture, learning a completely different language and starting to make a life together. Did I mention that we've been together for 10 years, the last seven were long-distance? So yes, this move to Paris is the beginning of us, together, for real.

Here I will document our adventures, reveal the triumphs and trials of adapting to the French way of life, and share thoughts on life, language learning, and my lovely new town, Paris.


P.S. I hope to launch some cool new things (i.e. itineraries, both general and custom) in 2016 as I get more familiar with Paris, France and the rest of Europe! I can pass on my knowledge to you. =)