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5 Coffee Shops I Adore

5 Coffee Shops I Adore

In the past few months, I have become the queen of coffee dates. Whenever it's time to meet up with a potential new friend, a language learning buddy or a old ami visiting Paris for a few days, there's a good chance that we'll grab a cup of coffee. And because of that, I've been able to frequent some really good coffee shops.

Here are a few of my faves: 

1. Le Peloton Café

If I take the quick, pleasant stroll toward the river, I'll find Le Peloton on my right. It's a bright café and easy to pop in for a noisette or a latté. You'll also find a lot of cyclists here because, as the logo hints at, Le Peloton is also the home of Bike About Tours. Bikes are available for rent or you can sign up for one of two bike tours - Champagne or Versailles. Not a bad choice!

Le Peloton Café
17 rue du Pont Louis Philippe
75004, Paris

2. Blackburn Coffee

It's not located in the most luxurious part of town, but every time I walk up rue Faubourg Saint-Martin to Blackburn, I stumble upon so many restaurants and bars that I can't wait to try. So far, I've only been to Blackburn with multiple return visits. This café has great coffee with a nice assortment of tables. Some are good for a chatty espresso date and others are made for camping out. What's better than fueling up for a good work sesh with a good cup of joe, fresh fruit juices and stellar food (hello tartines)?

Blackburn Coffee
52 rue Faubourg Saint-Martin
75003, Paris

Edited (5 of 5).jpg


3. Strada Café

I pass this place often, but never went in until a few weeks ago when I went for a coffee date with a friend. It's much bigger inside than it appears, a bit like Mary Poppins' carpet bag. We sat down at a big wooden table, which was roomy enough for both of our computers and coffees. And probably more. Everyone is friendly and your coffee comes with wifi. Sweets, sandwiches and more are also available. Also, heading to les toilettes makes for an amusing journey.

Strada Café
94 rue du Temple
75003, Paris

4. La Caféothèque

La Caféothèque is just a few short steps away from the Pont Marie metro station (Line 7). Upon entering, you might get the impression that they simply sell coffee à emporter (takeaway). But if you go a little further (and to the right), you'll enter a legit café where you can sit down and relax. The people are friendly, the decor invites you to stay awhile and the treats are oh-so-tempting. Next time, I'll order one of the douceurs to go with my cup of coffee.

La Caféothèque
52 rue de l'Hôtel-de-Ville
75004, Paris

Edited (4 of 5).jpg

5. Terres de Café

The first time Steve and I made our way to Terres de Café, we found ourselves in their teeny-tiny Rambuteau location. Lucky for us, they opened a brand new shop a bit closer. This new spot is decked out with game tables and basket chairs (see picture above), coffee for purchase lines the walls, and the baristas are as helpful as ever. We've bought beans to bring home in the past and they are always quick to offer advice. They grind our beans to a perfect french press consistency and they let us practice our French. We love it. In case you were wondering, they also sell capsules for those ubiquitous Nespresso machines.

Terres de Café
40 rue des Blancs Manteaux
75004, Paris

Voila! Those are my top five at the moment. I definitely have more on my to-visit list including Loustic Café, Cream, Fragments and Brûlerie de Belleville. I've also got some great runners-up that would probably make a top-ten list like Hexagone Café, Ob-La-Di, Ten Belles and Fondation.

Are there any others coffee spots in Paris that should be the location of my future coffee dates? 


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