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A Weekend in Nantes

A Weekend in Nantes

After quite a long hiatus, I thought I’d ease back in with an easy post - a photo diary of our trip to Nantes, a city with industrial roots in Western France on the Loire River. 

When my sister came to visit Paris last year, we decided to use a couple of days to travel beyond the périphérique. And we settled on Nantes. We had no expectations and found that we loved the city - it reminded us a bit of Richmond, Virginia, but with a château. 

We explored the city on foot and bike, toured the château and found a music festival. I also ate the best quiche of my life (still true to this day). Keep scrolling to see which parts of the weekend we captured on film - special shout out to the Mechanical Elephant and those delicious little LU Petit Beurres. :)

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