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Just for Halloween: The Catacombs of Paris

Happy Halloween my friends! In Paris, Halloween is well-known, but not well-celebrated. Save for a few parties and costumes, it is not the occasion that we Americans are used to.

There is no trick-or-tricking. The multitude of costume parties are few and far between. Costume shops sell scary costumes, almost exclusively. And restaurants and cafes serve lots of potiron (pumpkin) soup.

One thing that does fits into both the Parisian and American ideal of Halloween is...

A Weekend Recap + The Sunday Vide Grenier

How we spent a nice fall weekend in Paris.

This weekend, we moved around the city quite a bit, from Rue de Pot de Fer in the Latin Quarter for a few bieres up to Montmartre for fireworks and wine and back to our brand new apartment in the Marais - mostly by bike. Both of us finally signed up for Velib, the bike share program in Paris (only 30€ per year), and it turned out to be...