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April 2016: Tiny Victories

April 2016: Tiny Victories

April wasn’t my best blogging month (you probably knew that).

I had a solid start along with some great ideas(!), but it took a nosedive around the middle of month. My beaux-parents came to visit for 10 days which included a side trip to the Loire Valley. It was amazing, but more on that later. I've also have too many photos to edit (ahem, Rome) and somehow I always forget that it takes FOREVER.

But, May will be better. I’ve still got those ideas from April and a giant file of photos. 

Here’s the recap of April’s wins:

Played Tourist

I was a tourist in my own city for one solid week while Steve’s parents were here. Before we arrived in August, I had never been to Paris. But once here, we knew we’d have the next three years to explore Paris. And so far, we’ve taken our good ol’ time getting to know the quartiers, monuments and rues. A month or two ago, I thought aloud to Steve, “I wonder what it would be like to be a tourist in Paris and have to see everything in just a week or less. That seems crazy!” Flashforward to the end of April and I’ve done it! It gave me greater appreciation for everyone who comes here and just hits the ground running. There is so much to see and do along with all the walking. Thank goodness I’m well acquainted with the metro and bus system.


Published a New Article

This one was a long time in the making, but it’s finally up and ready for you to read. I had an article published on inspirelle.com, all about taking on french bureaucracy with a dossier (it’s based on my previous blog post). Inspirelle is dedicated to expat women in Paris and it was great to work with them on this piece. Hopefully more to come in the future! 

Inspirelle Article: French Bureaucracy: How to Tackle It With the Right Dossier

The Dossier (2 of 2).jpg


Basked in the Sunshine

In April, the weather teased us a bit. It was warm at the start of the month  followed by a huge cold front in the middle - some parts of Paris saw snow flurries! But now, the weather has changed for the better with more sunshine peeking out from behind the clouds. And with sunshine comes park sitting. We’ve been to a few different parks soaking up the sun with everyone else. I tend to have a book in my bag for such occasions…

That's all for today. But stay tuned; I've got Rome, the Loire Valley, Opera Garnier, chateaus, coffee and more to come. Happy May and à bientot, my friends.


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