Welcome to my blog where I document my adventures in Paris and beyond. Bon séjour!

Bonjour tout le monde!

Bonjour tout le monde!

Steve walking around the corner on the morning of our arrival in Paris.

Since we just moved to Paris, I have decided to document our experience! In honor of our very first week, I would like to give a quick recap of what I/we have done so far.

  • ordered a pain au chocolat in French without Steve
  • interviewed for a job
  • explored the Montmartre area and the Sacre Coeur
  • picnicked below the Tour Eiffel
  • randomly run into LA friends (hi Olivia & Max!) in the 6th arrondissement (we just left the Louvre on bikes, they were heading there on foot).
  • attempted to open a bank account
  • drank at least one verre de vin every night
  • signed up for French lessons
  • stumbled upon the Moulin Rouge
  • eaten at McDonald's (the shame... but Steve just had to try the Double Shiny Bacon)
  • met up with a Chiat/VCU Brandcenter friend (Tiff!) who was in Paris on production
  • found a cat cafe in the Marais - Le Cafe des Chats
  • and many, many more...

I have HIGH hopes for what I'm going to do on this little site. And I hope that having it in writing will keep me honest and consistent.

Here are some of the things I'll be posting about: the cultural differences between US/LA & Paris, learning the French language, cooking as the Parisians do, dining in the city, exploring Paris on foot, traveling throughout Europe and at least a bit of advertising. Basically anything and everything that our day-to-day life consists of while we're living in the City of Lights. I'll also probably write a bit about us, our  story, how we got to Paris and the journey from California to France.

Expect to see lots of pictures.

The Eiffel Tower on a cloudy day

Bon soirée and á bientôt!

P.S. My family sending us off (minus my parents, they were driving)! I'll miss your faces. =)

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