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My Visit to the Laverie

My Visit to the Laverie

Waiting for laundry to finish at a  laverie  in Paris.

It was decided that this week, we needed to get some laundry done. Since I'm not much of a laundromat frequenter (especially in France), I needed a plan.

On Wednesday, I stopped by the closest laverie on rue Claude Bernard and took a lot of pictures. My intent was to look at them at home along with Google Translate so I could decipher what buttons to push, how to pay and more. Luckily there were giant instructions posted up on the wall for me to snap (some of you may have seen this pic on Instagram).

It roughly translates to:

  1. Open the door - to open, press the yellow button
  2. Put in laundry - loosely
  3. Choose the temperature - the options are lukewarm, hot, very hot
  4. Add productit shows you where (upper left!)
  5. Go to the central - follow instructions

I returned on Thursday afternoon, with my 3.5 kg of laundry and went to work. I planned to buy some detergent there for 1 euro, but, luckily, someone had left some behind for free.

As you can see on the Centrale machine, it costs 1,20 euro to dry (sechage) for 10 minutes. 10 MINUTES? I figured I would be paying a lot to get everything dry or at least finish up the job at home. Oh no, 10 minutes is more than enough.

After some waiting (i.e. sketching) and a bit of folding, I was on my way.

Luckily, most of the apartments we're seeing include a washing machine, so hopefully the laverie won't become a part of my routine. But it's good to know I can do it in a pinch!


Vocab for today:

  • levage - washing
  • sechage - drying
  • lessive - laundry detergent
  • adoucissant - fabric softener
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Bonjour tout le monde!

Bonjour tout le monde!